2021 VA Disability Rates

Dependent Status 30%40%50%60%
Veteran Alone (no dependents)$441.35$635.77$905.04$1,146.39
Veteran with Spouse Only (no parents or children)$493.35$705.77$992.04$1,251.39
Veteran with Spouse & One Parent (no children)$535.35$761.77$1,062.04$1,335.39
Veteran with Spouse & Two Parents (no children)$577.35$817.77$1,132.04$1,419.39
Veteran with One Parent (no spouse or children)$483.35$691.77$975.04$1,230.39
Veteran with Two Parents (no spouse or children)$525.35$747.77$1,045.04$1,314.39
Added Amounts: Spouse receiving Aid and Attendance$48.00$64.00$81.00$96.00

Dependent Status70%80%90%100%
Veteran alone (no dependents)$1,444.71$1,679.35$1,887.18$3,146.42
With spouse (no parents or children)$1,566.71$1,819.35$2,044.18$3,321.85
With spouse and 1 parent (no children)$1,664.71$1,931.35$2,170.18$3,462.64
With spouse and 2 parents (no children)$1,762.71$2,043.45$2,296.18$3,603.43
With 1 parent (no spouse or children)$1,542.71$1,791.35$2,013.18$3,287.21
With 2 parents (no spouse or children)$1,640.71$1,903.35$2,139.18$3,428.00
Added Amount
Spouse receiving Aid and Attendance$113.00$129.00$145.00$160.89

Dependent Status 30%40%50%60%
Veteran with Child Only
(no spouse or parents)
Veteran with Spouse and Child(no parents)$532.35 $756.77$1,056.04 $1,328.39
Veteran with Spouse, One Parent and Child$574.35$812.77$1,126.04$1,412.39
Veteran with Spouse, Two Parents and Child $616.35$868.77$1,196.04$1,496.39
Veteran with One Parent and Child(no spouse)$518.35$737.77$1,033.04$1,300.39
Veteran with One Child and Two Parents(no spouse)$560.35$793.77$1,103.04$1,384.39
Added Amount
Add for Each Additional Child Under Age 18$26.00$34.00$43.00$52.00
Each Additional Schoolchild Over Age 18 in a Qualifying School$84.00$112.00$140.00$168.00
Spouse Receiving Aid and Attendance

Veteran with child only (no spouse or parents)$1,526.71$1,772.35$1,992.18$3,263.74
With 1 child and spouse (no parents)$1,656.71$1,922.35$2,160.18$3,450.32
With 1 child, spouse and 1 parent$1,754.71$2,034.35$2,286.18
With 1 child, spouse and 2 parents$1,852.71$2,146.35$2,412.18$3,731.90
With 1 child and 1 parent$1,624.71$1,884.35$2,118.18$3,404.53
With 1 child and 2 parents (no spouse)$1,722.71$1,996.35$2,244.18$3,545.32
Added Amounts
Each additional child under age 18$61.00$69.00$78.00$87.17
Each additional child over age 18 in a qualifying school program$197.00$225.00$253.00$281.57
Spouse receiving Aid and Attendance$113.00$129.00$145.00$160.89